Orixadex’s interest in the acquisition of some mining concessions across Africa.


Orixadex has firmed up a mutually beneficial agreement that will lead to collection of flared gas for processing, which apart from the economic advantage, will also protect and prevent damage to the environment.


Orixadex offers turnkey solution for complete modular refinery of between 10,000 - 20,000 barrels per day. Mobile, adjustable and capable of producing PMS, AGO, DPK.

Modular Technology

Orixadex has been utilizing and promoting the modular design concept of industrial processes and power generation. The Modular concept is especially attractive in that if offers very substantial cost savings. Design and fabrication is conducted in controlled environmental that permits rigorous quality assurance rapid delivery. The modular concept is ideally suited for remote installations. All of the major equipment and associated systems are configured and assembled onto prefabricated structural steel skids. These skis are, in turn, sized in accordance with local transportation restrictions and requirements. The skidded components or modules are then shipped to the job site where installation and commissioning can take place in a matter of weeks instead of months